Fuji X100V Review and Comparison with Leica Q2

Fuji X100V Review and Comparison with Leica Q2

The Fuji X100V is a highly capable and versatile camera that offers excellent image quality, fast autofocus, and a unique hybrid viewfinder. While it may not have the same level of brand prestige as the Leica Q2, it offers a more affordable alternative with similar features and performance. Overall, the X100V is a great choice for those looking for a high-quality, compact camera with a unique design.

Fuji X100V: An Overview

The Fuji X100V is the fifth iteration in Fujifilm’s X100 series, a line of fixed-lens compact cameras that combine cutting-edge technology with a classic design reminiscent of traditional rangefinders. The camera features a 26.1-megapixel X-Trans CMOS 4 sensor, X-Processor 4 image processing engine, and a fixed 23mm f/2 lens. The lens is renowned for its sharpness and low-light capabilities, making it suitable for various photography genres.

Features and Performance

The Fuji X100V boasts a plethora of features that cater to both amateur and professional photographers. Its hybrid viewfinder is a standout, offering an optical viewfinder (OVF) for a traditional shooting experience and an electronic viewfinder (EVF) that provides a real-time preview of exposure settings. The EVF is particularly useful in challenging lighting conditions where the OVF might struggle.

One of the camera’s strengths is its intuitive manual control dials, allowing users to adjust settings such as shutter speed, aperture, and exposure compensation without delving into complex menus. The rear LCD touchscreen is a bonus, facilitating easy focusing and image navigation. In terms of performance, the X100V impresses with its fast autofocus system, capable of accurately locking onto subjects. The camera’s ability to shoot up to 11 frames per second makes it suitable for capturing fast-paced action.

Fuji X100V Review and Comparison with Leica Q2
Fuji X100V Review and Comparison with Leica Q2

Fuji X100V Used Market

As technology advances and new camera models are introduced, the used market becomes a treasure trove for photography enthusiasts seeking premium gear without the premium price tag. The Fuji X100V has garnered a significant presence in the used market, allowing individuals to own a high-quality camera that might have been initially out of their budget.

When considering a used Fuji X100V, inspecting the camera’s physical condition, including the lens, buttons, dials, and LCD screen, is essential. Additionally, checking the camera’s shutter count provides insight into its usage history. While purchasing from a reputable source is recommended, the durability of Fuji cameras ensures that well-maintained used units can offer excellent performance for years.

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Fuji X100V Review and Comparison with Leica Q2

The Fuji X100V and Leica Q2 are both high-end compact cameras with impressive features. The X100V has a larger sensor and better autofocus, while the Q2 has a faster lens and better build quality. Both cameras are excellent street photography and portraiture choices, but the X100V may be the better option for its versatility and improved autofocus.

Fuji X100V Pros and Cons


  1. Image Quality: The 26.1-megapixel sensor and sharp lens deliver stunning image quality with vibrant colors and impressive detail.
  2. Compact Design: The camera’s small size and retro aesthetics make it a stylish and portable option for street and travel photography.
  3. Hybrid Viewfinder: The OVF and EVF options offer flexibility in composition and shooting styles.
  4. Intuitive Controls: The manual control dials and touchscreen interface make adjusting settings seamless and user-friendly.
  5. Low-Light Performance: The f/2 lens and capable sensor enable the camera to excel in low-light conditions.


  1. Fixed Lens: While the 23mm focal length is versatile, it cannot be changed, limiting creative framing options.
  2. Price: As a premium compact camera, the Fuji X100V is relatively expensive compared to entry-level models.
Leica Q2 vs Fuji X100V
Leica Q2 vs Fuji X100V


Leica Q2 vs Fuji X100V

Given their similar target audiences and price ranges, a natural comparison arises between the Leica Q2 and the Fuji X100V. The Leica Q2 is renowned for its exceptional build quality and image performance. It features a full-frame 47.3-megapixel sensor and a fixed 28mm f/1.7 lens.

While both cameras cater to enthusiasts who appreciate manual controls and high-quality optics, the choice comes down to personal preferences and priorities. The Leica Q2 offers a higher resolution sensor and a wider lens, making it suitable for landscape and portrait photography. However, the Fuji X100V provides more compact portability and a classic aesthetic, which might appeal to street photographers seeking discretion.


Q1. What is the Fuji X100V?

  • The Fuji X100V is a compact digital camera known for its blend of modern technology and classic design. It features a 26.1-megapixel sensor, a fixed 23mm f/2 lens, and a hybrid viewfinder system that combines optical and electronic viewfinders.

Q2. What are the standout features of the Fuji X100V?

  • The Fuji X100V stands out for its intuitive manual control dials, hybrid viewfinder, fast autofocus system, and excellent low-light performance. Its compact size and retro aesthetics make it a favorite among street and travel photographers.

Q3. Is the Fuji X100V suitable for professionals?

  • Yes, the Fuji X100V is favored by both enthusiasts and professionals for its high image quality and versatile features. The manual controls and advanced sensors make it a capable tool for various photography genres.

Q4. How does the used market for the Fuji X100V benefit buyers?

  • The used market offers an opportunity for buyers to own a Fuji X100V at a more affordable price. Well-maintained used units can provide the same performance and quality as brand-new cameras, making it a cost-effective choice.

Q5. What factors should I consider when purchasing a used Fuji X100V?

  • When buying a used Fuji X100V, consider the camera’s physical condition, shutter count, and the seller’s reputation. Inspecting the lens, buttons, dials, and LCD screen ensures the camera is in good shape.

Q6. How does the Fuji X100V compare to the Leica Q2?

  • Both cameras cater to enthusiasts who appreciate manual controls and high-quality optics. The Leica Q2 features a full-frame sensor and a wider lens, while the Fuji X100V offers a more compact size and classic aesthetic. The choice between the two depends on individual preferences and shooting styles.

Q7. Is the Fuji X100V suitable for low-light photography?

  • The Fuji X100V performs well in low-light conditions due to its f/2 lens and capable sensor. It can capture sharp and detailed images even in challenging lighting situations.

Q8. Can I change the lens on the Fuji X100V?

  • No, the Fuji X100V has a fixed 23mm f/2 lens, so you cannot change the lens. This fixed focal length lens offers excellent image quality but limits the range of focal lengths you can use.


The Fuji X100V has undoubtedly earned its reputation as a premium compact camera that combines modern technology with a vintage-inspired design. Its exceptional image quality, intuitive controls, and hybrid viewfinder system contribute to its allure for enthusiasts and professionals. With the availability of used units, more individuals can experience the camera’s capabilities without the initial high cost. When considering a purchase, comparing it to competitors like the Leica Q2 can help identify the camera that best suits individual shooting styles and preferences.


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